Social media marketing is all about engaging in a two-way conversation with your target audience. While most people focus on creating content and sharing it on their news feeds in LinkedIn, there’s also a more personal way to interact with relevant stakeholders – send them a message which they will receive in their LinkedIn inbox.

Firstly, login to your LinkedIn account and go to the Inbox tab (next to Home – Profile – Contacts – Groups – Jobs) and click on “compose message”. In the “To” field, you can start typing multiple addresses. A small screen will pop up, showing all of your LinkedIn connections and their professional titles, making it easy to simply tick off the names of the people you want to include on the group message. LinkedIn allows you to include up to 50 people on these messages and you can keep track of how many more people you are able to include in the message thanks to a number screen beside the name box.

Once you have included the names of everyone who should receive the message, click on the light blue box underneath the names that says “finished”. After this, all the names will be displayed in the “To” field at the top of the message.

An important thing to take note of is the small print underneath the “send message” button, which allows you to determine whether recipients are able to see each other’s names and e-mail addresses. If you’re sending a message to contacts who don’t necessarily know one another, rather untick this box so that their privacy is protected.

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