If you run an ecommerce website, then you will know that a huge part of ecommerce marketing is getting people to successfully checkout and buy products online. It’s common for people to do window shopping and abandon their shopping carts before making an actual purchase, but there could be a few changes you could make to reduce the number of abandoned shopping carts this Christmas:

Make sure people know what they will be paying for 

Shipping costs, courier fees and VAT prices should all be stated upfront. It might not seem a large amount to you, but an online buyer could be discouraged to make a purchase if they only find out about additional costs when they’re about to checkout. Make sure you’ve got these prices listed before they hit the checkout button.

Don’t offer just one method of payment 

Some people prefer EFT’s and others like to use their PayPal accounts for online shopping. Offering multiple payment options gives website users the flexibility they need to choose how they want to pay for the products they are buying on your website. If they’re not keen on making payments with their credit card online, then they should be able to choose another payment option.

Offer incentives 

Coupons, discounts and sales are a great way to encourage online shoppers to buy from you. Consider a few additional marketing strategies such as flash sales and festive season discounts to encourage people to buy now.

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