The SEO game is one that requires both offensive and defensive strategies. Your offence requires a mix of having to constantly develop lots of great content, while also watching trends and competitor activity, and then adjusting your attack accordingly. When it comes to defence, here are three things you can do to build a protective wall around your rankings:


1. Guard Against Negative SEO Attacks

While most changes in SEO rankings develop organically through changes in traffic, content or keywords, you should never underestimate the ability and the will that others have to proactively attack your SEO rankings. The easiest way in which to do this is through so-called black hat SEO  activity designed to prompt search engine penalties, such as keyword stuffing and buying spam links.


Be vigilant. Watch your backlink profile and look out for low-quality links that seem to come out of nowhere, taking care to eliminate them as they come up.


2. Proactively Seek out Multiple Listings to Expand Your SERP Presence

If you can claim multiple listings on the same search rankings page, it will strengthen your position immeasurably. There are a number of ways in which you can achieve this. You could be lucky enough to become eligible for Google Site Links, which automatically gives you four to six links under your primary search results, all linking back to internal pages on your website. Unfortunately, Google has not revealed its qualification criteria for this, so you either get linked or you don’t. You could also optimise multiple pages on your website so that they qualify to come up on the same search list. Make sure this works with your existing SEO strategy first, however.


3. Keep up the SEO Best Practices

Whatever other tactics you may be working on, you should always be focusing on building excellent content and building great links. Never let that slip and you will always be in the best position to maintain your search rankings.


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