The first step in content generation is always getting an idea, and then turning it into a piece of interesting writing. Blog post promotion is the next step.

How do you go about getting people to actually read your shining new and profound words? Here’s some of the best ways to go about it, read up on them right after your next blog post. Following through on all, or just some of these tips will get your message out there.

Steps to promote your blog:

  • Scan through your post and find the main topic. Take those words to Google Adwords and their free keyword selection tool. Use the terms given to you to optimize your title, this will pull people in by getting your post a higher ranking in search engines.
  • Have an RSS feed setup to push your content out to multiple platforms automatically. This will include many social media sites that can lead to more content generation from customers making comments.
  • Use a URL shortening service when posting to Twitter. Those few extra characters can help you make your point clear, and give your customers a little room to send a message if they Retweet your content.
  • Plan your strategy. Take the time to consider what updates you should send out on each platform you use. Customising the content for each can make a big difference in people’s interest being captured.
  • Include it in your newsletter. Add great content to your next newsletter by including it in your next newsletter. I first started doing this with my first client and our website traffic doubled on the first try. Not only that, but they also stayed to comment and engage with us.

Reach out to other bloggers, Collaborative promotion is great way to build links for your site, and for you personally. Why not go to others who are also seeking some blog post promotion? You will both benefit. Contact WSI OMS for help today.