Internet marketing is the use of the web to advertise, promote and to sell products and services.  A strategic internet marketing plan is quite similar to a strategic business plan, just with a focused and narrower objective.

In building your internet marketing plan, you need to think about how this fits into your business objectives and other traditional marketing strategies.  All these strategies should interrelate and work together for the best results.

Find below the key elements that I always include in any internet marketing plan.

Business plan

Describe your company and your company history.  What are you long and short term overall objectives? What products or services do you sell?

Marketing plan

What targeted market do you compete in? List and describe your primary competitors along with their weaknesses and strengths.  Who are your targeted customers and on what overall basis do they make the final buying decision? What are your positioning, branding and pricing strategies?

Internet marketing

Based on your marketing plan, what are your online objectives in terms of lead generation, traffic, selling, warranty service or customer service? Develop your strategies around search engine marketing (SEM), email marketing, affiliate marketing, podcast marketing and blog marketing.

Blog marketing

Based on your targeted customer demographically, what informative and interesting content can you present to them to develop a strong readership? You can always use your blog to support your other online marketing strategies and marketing plans.

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