How do you drive and guide your digital marketing presence during the COVID-19 crisis? You need to make some major shifts to make sure that your brand reflects the times and the changing business and consumer environments. These four tips will help you pitch your digital marketing presence where it belongs.

It’s all about tone

Regardless of what your tone and brand identity may have been prior to COVID-19, you need to shift them now to demonstrate that you are sensitive to the changing conditions and to the challenges that the world is facing. It may not be your place to say too much about the virus but it behoves you to mention it at least, to discuss how it is affecting your business and clients – and always with a tone that is sensitive and optimistic without promising any answers.

Shelve campaigns that are no longer appropriate

This crisis has caused all of us to stop and reconsider our priorities. That amazing new product launch you were just about to unleash a month or two back will probably keep until after the crisis. If it isn’t going to hit the right mark now, don’t risk releasing it. It could be detrimental to your brand as a whole and it could fall flat because the audience is not currently receptive to it.

Tell customers about the effects of COVID-19 on your industry

As we mentioned above, you don’t need to have an opinion on every single development in the COVID-19 crisis, but your customers will thank you for showing candour and sensitivity in addressing those that have had a direct impact on your industry. Let them know how things stand. Explain how the pandemic will affect the way you do business and assure them that you have adapted and have things under control.

Show support for other industries

If yours is an industry that doesn’t fit into the ‘essential goods and services’ bracket, you can still remain relevant, make a contribution and boost your brand by showing your support for those businesses and workers on the frontlines. Some shoe manufacturers are donating shoes to health workers, for example. Krispy Kreme gives away donuts. But it’s not only essential services that need help. Small businesses in danger of having to close up shop for good are getting assistance from other companies, in bids to seek funding to stay afloat. Think about what contribution you can make in the crisis and go ahead and do it. Efforts like these are their own reward, but they will do wonders for your brand image too. 

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