Twitter may have a limit of 140 characters but copywriting should still be used to craft tweets. Twitter entries can be thought of as microblogs which are concise, with no fluff and little hype.

As part of the Web 2.0 revolution, Twitter is focused on relationships which are forged through web-shorthand and learning to converse on this social platform can be challenging. The goal of tweeting is to convey an idea in the minimum number of words, hopefully generating interest and sparking some form of debate or conversation from the Twitter update.

Building trust and familiarity

Twitter is a powerful tool that is used by millions of people and the potential for marketing is enormous. Because the main purpose of Twitter is the generation and maintenance of relationships, the building of trust and familiarity is crucial.

Recent surveys have shown that the number of Twitter users has grown by 974% in the UK in the last year. Followers look for useful and compelling information that is provided. The key to great tweet writing is to be focused on the followers’ interests, be entertaining and be personal. Being passionate about the subject matter is important because people will follow those who express their opinions.

Don’t try to sell on Twitter

Twitter can be used to announce new developments, talk about industry challenges, ask questions, seek answers and communicate good news. It is considered to be bad etiquette to overtly punt services or products, so the focus should always be on fostering good relationships with the intention that sales leads will follow.

Twitter is becoming increasingly more popular and communication experts are predicting that it will play a greater role in marketing strategies in the next few years. While copywriting on a micro level is a relatively undeveloped skill amongst more copywriters, it is definitely a skill worth mastering.

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