Before you begin with the SEO (search engine optimization) of your website, you will need to establish clear ways to measure your success and goals. Goals could be to get more targeted visitor traffic to your site, build up branding  for your business, increase your rankings on the search engines and even sales conversions.

Once you have established your goals for SEO, you can then select the best measurement metrics that will show you and report the progress towards your goals. Use one primary measurement and then a couple of secondary metrics that you can track on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Here’s a couple of metrics that you can use to measure the progress of your SEO.


Is your SEO campaign attracting targeted visitors?  Does your website interact with visitors?  Measure these by tracking the bounce rate, number of page views per visitors and the time that they spend on the website. Setup conversion goals and measure which of your keywords and keyword phrases convert the best.


Search engine optimization should always include a content growth plan.  Track and measure the number of pages that are indexed of your website on the major search engines.  This will also help you discover structural issues that might exist on your website.

Link building

Getting income links from high authority websites is very important for SEO.  Use SEOMoz’s Open Site Explorer to track the number of links, number of linking domains and the anchor text that are used for the links you are receiving.


Check the rankings of your keywords and keyword phrases.  Check your keywords on Google and other major search engines for improvements in ranking.

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