With video being the top performing format on Facebook, it’s a medium you really should be using for your online marketing strategy. Videos range from professionally edited pieces to short clips taken with a mobile phone, but there are things you can do to improve the videos you post. Strangely, the most watched type of Facebook videos are those relating to food – how to make something, to decorate something, how to eat something…you get the idea.

Many people have spent many hours watching Facebook videos to find the common elements of successful and popular posts, some of which are:

  1. Aspirational videos: Taking something ordinary or commonplace and showing it in a different way. In the food context, showing how to make something amazing, without watching it cook, waiting for it to cool, etc. is a way of suspending reality. It takes the hard work part away, leaving the fun (or aspirational) part. Although we all know there are shopping trips involved, dishes to wash after and the inevitable fails in the kitchen, viewers don’t seem to care – it’s about a fantasy, or dream of making something cool.

How to do it: focus on the best parts of the process; focus on saving time by making a short piece; consider creating a passion page around an inspirational idea that relates to your product.

  1. Videos about DIY: The ever popular How-to videos. Crafts, hair styles and of course food preparation lend themselves well to these types of videos, but anyone who has searched for a solution online, will know you can find a YouTube video on something useful (how to play the guitar, change your bicycle chain, fix a toilet…). Think of how your product or service relates to skills you could film. Moz.com has found great success with their Whiteboard Fridays – problem-solving, how-to explanations of how to do specific content marketing Providing useful information for your target audience builds your brand and strengthens your company image.

How to do it: Use your customer feedback or online platforms to find out what your audience’s questions and interests are; answer these questions, while appealing to the viewers’ desire to accomplish.

  1. Short clips: the most shared videos are under 2 minutes long, with many being under a minute. By cutting out the unnecessary detail and getting to the point, you are able to get your message across without losing your viewer’s interest. If your product demo features a process that is lengthy, consider speeding it up.

How to do it: Use visual tricks like changing the scene and downplaying boring footage. Opt for more short videos, rather than one longer one. Remember, if it’s too long for a tweet, it’s too long for a Facebook post.

  1. Simple instruction: Less fuss=more share. Facebook videos are not the place for case studies or white papers; videos should be simple solutions for your audience’s problems. Simplifying is what makes these videos entertaining – viewers are amazed at the end result of such a simple process – it’s worth adding an element of surprise to keep them engaged. When a lot of choice is involved, a video that simplifies the decision making process is a win.

It’s a great time to be starting or increasing your Facebook video marketing strategy. For more on digital marketing or assistance with your social media presence, call us – we’d love to help.

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