The ultimate goal of your social media marketing strategy is your bottom line. So who better to take advice from that Warren Buffet: “An idiot with a plan can beat a genius without a plan!” LinkedIn themselves share that marketing with a documented plan results in greater overall content marketing success than working from a verbal plan only or even no strategy at all.

LinkedIn marketing is no different despite 43% of marketers agreeing that they have sourced a client from LinkedIn. Can you imagine how much higher that percentage would be with proper planning?

Let The Planning Begin – 4 Easy Steps 

  1. Set up an editorial calendar. Based on your ideal target audience, create a list of topics, events, product launches that will help them reach their goals or overcome their struggle. Organise your content into categories or themes and start filling in the dates with content. 
  2. Create and adhere to brand guidelines. To maintain a consistent look, voice, and tone, use content guidelines and communicate them to your team.
  3. Delegate. Assign someone (or a group of people) to be responsible for each of your channels. Using the standards set above, empower them to monitor and respond to engagement from your readers.
  4. Look further afield to source content.With a dedicated curator of content, you can encourage the regions and verticals in your organisation to submit content.

Consider enlisting the services of a digital marketing agency to add credibility to your profile with powerful content, craft strong headlines and a summary that motivates people to read your entire profile, and include visuals and multimedia to illustrate your expertise.

Award-Winning Solutions 

Leveraging LinkedIn for business purposes is easy once you have a compelling and bullet-proof content. For more information on how WSI can help you, contact us today.

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