Social media is designed to suck us in and it’s designed to occupy a lot of our time. If you are tasked with managing multiple social media accounts, then it’s highly recommended that you use a scheduling tool such as Buffer or Hootsuite so that you can stay on top of everything.

These social media tools enable you to pre-schedule your content to multiple platforms at the same time. This way, you can plan what content you want to post in advance. It also allows you to use social media more strategically.

While these tools will help you to efficiently post your content, it doesn’t always help you to proactively engage with people on each of the networks. We generally recommend that you check the various platforms at intervals that make sense for you. If you have a high engagement rate on Facebook, for example, then it’s good to log in and to reply to comments and queries at least once or twice a day. If your engagement rate isn’t that high on Instagram or LinkedIn, for example, then you can check these sites once per day.

Another way to efficiently manage multiple social media accounts is to set up keyword alerts. These alerts can be related to your brand, products or the industry that your clients are in. This way, you can stay on top of trends and news in the industry without having to keep your eyes glued on social media all day long.

Many times, a social media marketing strategy will include online community managers. If you need help with your social media strategy or need to employ skilled community managers, then get in touch with WSI OMS today.

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