The web has grown into a real jungle and finding cool new website ideas isn’t that easy anymore. Many web designers fail to come up with new and exciting ways to set their websites apart from the mass and this leads to a lot of generic clutter muddling the World Wide Web.

There are billions of websites all across the web vying for attention and good ranking. I always tell designers that they need to decide early on what their sites will have to offer that is fresh, unique and unlike other sites available on the internet.

Besides mulling over the above, there are other ways you can increase the popularity of your website and increase the site’s online visibility. These elements aren’t complicated and aren’t expensive but will really help you to bring your website to your target audience. Here are a few of the elements to work on and keep in mind:

  • Fast loading web pages: I have yet to meet a patient web user. Internet users have become spoiled with fast internet speeds and demand that sites load quickly. If your site is able to load quickly, even faster than some other sites, this will instantly work towards making your site more favourable among users. This might not be the single element to increase your site’s popularity immediately, but it will certainly contribute to it.
  • Optimizing the site: SEO is important for the future popularity of the site. As a web designer, you are accountable for implementing best practices and writing clear, clean code. This will not only work towards a better SEO ranking but will keep your site manageable and well structured.
  • User interaction: User interaction is crucial. One of the most effective ways web designers can increase the traffic to their sites is by getting users involved with the site. Do so by making the site interactive, giving users the opportunity to comment on your posts and ensuring the content is written in a personal and relatable style, among other tactics.

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