If you are into internet marketing, one of the hardest things to do online is making your content and message go viral. Did you know that you don’t have to get your message in front of the eyes of everyone to make it go viral? All that is required is that the right people sees it. If your message gets infront of one person that is influential online and they like it, then there is a very good chance that it can go viral.

If one influential person likes your content, it has a better chance of going viral than putting your content in front of 500 people with no influence. Still, it’s easier said that done. How are you going to make your content go viral? Find below a couple of tips that can help you with this.

Viral marketing tips

Optimizing magnetic content: This doesn’t really mean to optimize the content for SEO purposes, but it’s always good. What that means is create content for quality, value, accuracy, and that portrays your message. Unfortunately, there’s no magic formula to create viral content.

Make your timing right: If your magnetic content is published too late or too early, then it can be the victim of bad timing. Publish your content at a time when the topic is trending and hot. If it’s already being discussed as a trendy topic, then there’s a much better chance of it to go viral.

Who’s the audience?: Who are you going to publish the content to? If you craft your message and content for a specific target audience, making your content go viral has a better chance of succeeding.

Select the right channels: If your content is visual, it should be published on image sharing sites such as Pinterest or Flickr. If it’s text based, publish it in the best location that your audience will read it. Define your content, package, and message so that your content stands a chance of going viral.

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