Still getting unsubscribe requests after meticulously crafting your email marketing content and making your communications as user-friendly as possible? It happens to the best email marketers in the business. Some people just don’t like engaging with brands via email. 

Don’t let this fact get you down, rather identify the reasons for unsubscribes and work on keeping those numbers as low as possible. Here are four tips on how you can do that: 

Keep Subject Lines Simple and Free from Spam-Related Terms

Overuse of caps, emojis, exclamation points and keywords such as “free”, ”give away”, “sex”, “deposit”, and the like, can identify your email as spam and move it to your junk folder or cause your reader to hit the unsubscribe button.

Think Your Message Through and Write Short and Sweet Content

Your content should have a clear and concise purpose, which starts with the subject line, is carried through in the following paragraph and continues to be elaborated on throughout the email body. Finally, your message or point should be brought to a strong conclusion in your CTA.

Give Them What They Came For

Your reader opens the email, intrigued by what is offered and clicks on the CTA link in the hopes of finding that something amazing – which was promised to them. At this point, if they are unhappy with what they find, they will hit the unsubscribe button without a doubt. Your subscriber needs you to deliver on what you promised – each and every time!

Don’t Overemphasise Your Unsubscribe Option

Legally, an unsubscribe option is required in your content marketing, but this can be done in less obvious ways. You don’t want to make unsubscribing too easy. Try writing it in a smaller text next to other options such as “please provide feedback” and don’t allow too much white space around it.

Email marketing can be a highly effective method of communicating with your audience, as long as your strategy is sound and your content is useful to your readers. Minimise the unsubscribe rates by using our email marketing guide to get the most out of your content marketing. 

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