In order for something to go viral and cut through loads of other content stuffing the internet, it has to be shareable and interesting. Effective copywriting will help you in this regard if you apply certain principles. Yet many marketers and companies are stumped as to how to create such intensely valuable content.

Investing in your company’s content is absolutely important to create a community filled with engaged followers. This will require you to harness your content ideas into something that is bigger and more powerful. Provide your networks with an undeniable reason to talk about you. Social media and online buzz surrounding your business, product or brand should translate into real word of mouth conversations.

Here are a few aspects you need to know about creating viral content:

  • Understanding how to turn content into linkable assets: Your audience should be able to gain something unique and special from your linkable asset. It could be an infographic, video, white paper, webcast or blog post or anything else you can embed, publish or make available for download.
  • Knowing the key to creating valuable content: You should always aim to create content that people will find entertaining and useful, but still unique. Effective copywriting will help you to come up with new perspectives or angles on popular topics that no one else has seen. Make users want to share them with their networks. No one wants to share content that’s old news!
  • Choosing a timeless subject: Your effective copywriting activities should be spent focusing on creating content that has great staying power. Evergreen topics will stay relevant with your audience over time. Topics that are tailored to go viral tomorrow may not be relevant the day after that. It’s best to invest in evergreen topics that will be around for a while.

These are only a few tips on how to create viral content. If you are looking for experts in effective copywriting for all your online portals, contact WSI today.