You need a copywriting professional to write the copy for your website and possibly a couple of blogs a month that talk about your company and the product you are selling or service you provide. There are a lot of companies and freelancers out there who claim that they can do this sort of thing, but you want to be sure that you hire the right professional for the job, someone who understands you and your product, the target market and can write engagingly. So how do you go about this?

Here are a few tips to ensure that you end up hiring the right copywriting professional:

     1.   Rather go with a company than a freelancer. An established company’s track record is more difficult to fake. When a company makes a mess of things people are also more likely to post complaints on the net. Freelancers often fake their CVs to get more work and people are more cautious to complain about individuals on the net as this can result in them being sued for slander.

  1. Go with a company that specialises in the type of copy you want. Don’t hire a company that assures you they know all there is to know about writing and are positive they can figure this sort of thing out, even though they have never written web copy or blogs. You don’t want people who are learning on the job. You want people who know what they are doing.
  2. Ask for samples and make suggestions. Don’t be afraid to ask for sample copy. Study the style of writing and make sure that these are the copywriting professionals you want to work with. Make suggestions and see how they respond to them. Don’t hire people who don’t take your opinions into account.

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