When it comes to the world of online marketing and web design, the competition is vast. Creating interesting and unique websites won’t only set your site apart from competitors, but it will ensure that website visitors keep browsing your site.

One way of getting your website to stand out is by creating flash banners. Contrary to popular belief, it’s extremely easy to create a flash banner for a website. Here’s a quick step to creating a very simple flash banner:

Step by step guide to making flash banners

  • Step1: In Adobe Flash Create a New File. You will need to have Adobe Flash to create a flash banner (you can also make one in Photoshop and save the images as an animation, but this is more time consuming).
  • Step2: The next step is to open the Properties panel (the shortcut is Ctrl and F3). You will then need to set the project size, set the frame rate value and change the background colour.
  • Step3: Save the file as a flashbanner.fla by pressing Ctrl and S together on your keyboard.
  • Step4: Type your banner text. You will need to choose the Text tool from the tools panel and enter the text you want to display in your flash banner. You then can change the typeface to a style that meets your needs and change the font and size of the text.
  • Step5: Create a keyframe. You will need to select 90 in the timeline and select the F6 key in order to create a keyframe. You will then need to select frame 1 and select the “motion” option.
  • Step6: Generate the “SWF” file. You can do this by pressing Ctrl and Enter.
  •  Step7: Insert the SWF file in your web page. This can be done by using generic flash code and changing the size and numbers with your own.
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