If your LinkedIn marketing strategy (or personal branding strategy) doesn’t include finding and joining relevant groups on this professional networking site, then you’re doing it wrong. Many of our clients land new business opportunities on LinkedIn and view their LinkedIn groups as a natural extension of their online presence – and so should you.

When you find the right groups and connect with the right people, doors will open. Here’s a quick guide to kick-start your LinkedIn networking strategy by joining relevant groups:

  • Set goals: Many business industries consist of a bunch of smaller groups, so don’t expect to find everything you need in a single group. Determine what type of people, job level and industries you want to connect with before you start joining groups on LinkedIn.
  • Search groups: Create a list of keywords that would apply to the groups you would like to join, then go to the Groups Directory page on LinkedIn and start browsing the list.
  • Look at your current connections. Go to the profiles of your current LinkedIn connections and search through the groups they have joined.
  • Join different groups. You might join a group and find the content and conversations completely irrelevant, so keep your options open and join a few different groups. Take a week or so to follow what’s happening within the groups so that you can get an idea of whether the group will be sharing worthwhile content and initiating thought-provoking and useful information for your business.
  • Be an active member. It’s of little use to join a group if you’re going to be in stealth mode 24/7. Contribute advice and commentary on a weekly basis so that your name becomes familiar to other group members. 

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