Did you know that your blog can be a powerful business tool to influence your customers? Blogs can build interactive conversations with targeted readers. Blogging for your business can get faster results than traditional internet marketing.

A blog is an excellent tool to boost your online brand, increase your website’s rankings on the search engines, reach new potential clients, communicate with current customers and to publicize information about your company.

There’s 3 main factors you need to take into consideration if you want to start influencing people with your blog posts.

Build relationships, selling your ideas and leadership.

Build relationships

  • Positive: Always avoid criticizing others and being negative. You can focus on how to do the best with something and by building others up. Give advice, solutions and tips.
  • Interested: Always be genuinely interested in your readers and on their perspectives. What do they want to know? What do they find interesting?
  • Solutions: Talk about solutions to problems that your interested readers might have. You can encourage the discussion by asking questions.

Selling your ideas

  • Motivation: As you write each blog posting you should always consider why your readers would want to do something that you are saying.
  • Explain your ideas: Real life examples and effective story telling can help to make your ideas visual and memorable.
  • Arguments: Always avoid arguments even when your readers are making negative comments. Stay objective and to the point. Be thankful for new ideas, opinions and be respectful.
  • Agreement: You can respond to comments by first identifying all the areas of agreement. Try to view things from your reader’s perspective.


  • Mistakes: Admit your mistakes and be open on how you solved your problems. This can be a motivating factor to others that are facing the same problems so that they can see what didn’t work and what did.
  • Questions: Try suggesting alternatives and ask questions instead of telling people directly what they should and shouldn’t do.
  • Benefits: Focus on the benefits that your readers might receive from your ideas.
  • Respectful. Be respectful of your readers capabilities and their situations and how you can help them to succeed. You can encourage them to try new ideas and to empower action.

Successful blogging takes time and dedication any way you look at it. Not only can your blogging influence people, but you can build trust and credibility with your blogging as well. Be the expert in your industry and niche and others will return regularly to your blog to see what you are saying.

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