Adding a blog to your business or personal website can boost your organic search engine results dramatically.  This can help many websites that doesn’t have enough content on them, to get more traffic.  A blog adds regular fresh keyword rich content to your website – if you implement various on page SEO strategies correctly. A blog is also an excellent tool that you can use for various internet marketing strategies.

Blog posts with original interesting content will start a conversation and it can attract links from other blogs and websites which will build up the link popularity of the main website.

Most blogging platforms includes a RSS feed directly linked to the blog.  To give you a quick non-technical explanation of what it does – visitors of your blog can subscribe to your RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feed and as soon as you publish a new blog post, they will be notified of any updates and new content that you have made on the blog.  You can also link the RSS feed to RSS aggregation websites like that displays your feed on their website.

Find below a couple of tips to help you increase the organic search results of your website by using and optimizing a blog.


Select a topic related to your website and services before you start blogging.  These will usually be the topics that your best customers will find interesting.  If your company and website is about weddings, maybe your blog postings could be about wedding venues, wedding dresses, tips, etc.  Prepare a list of keywords from your topic that you can use in your content, titles and links of the blog post.


Blogging is not about selling, it is about educating and engaging your readers with informative interesting writings that will benefit them.  Most if not all search queries begins with a question.  Write down a couple of questions that your perfect customer might ask and write topics around it.  You are branding yourself as the authority on your blog and you can be the expert in your field.

Link popularity

If what you write is informative and interesting, you will develop a readership that will often return to your blog to read about what you have to say.  Others will comment about your postings on their own blogs and it will start a natural linking process.  These links will help your blog, website and domain with its link popularity to increase your website rankings.

RSS (Real Simple Syndication)

As stated in the beginning of this post, when you publish a new topic, your RSS will ping out the title, couple of words of the post and the URL of it to the search engines.  This immediately notifies them that there is new content available on your blog.  It is a proven fact that blog postings are usually indexed faster than normal website content.

Blogs adds high-quality valuable content and helps to attract inbound links. By adding a blog to your website can definitely boost your organic SEO results.

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