For many small and mid-sized businesses, you may find that you have very little online recognition so far. The time has come to promote your own brand by making your website visible and beginning to communicate regular updates through a blog mechanism. Blogging is another form of Social Media and the benefits of having one cannot be ignored

At a minimum, the top result for a search for your brand name on major search engines should be your business website. If it isn’t, you need to revisit your website to make sure that it was constructed in a search engine-friendly manner.

Your brand name should be prominently used in text on the Home and other “About” pages, and the HTML Title and Meta-Description tags. Manage and protect that position as it may be vital to keep your content ranked above any other comments or news that may come out about your brand.

Make sure you have set up your business in the Google and Yahoo!


If you don’t already have a blog, you really should consider creating one. “Blogs” (the term is a contraction of “Web Log”) is a mechanism made popular initially by individuals for their opinions and diaries. In the last few years, it has become a preferred method for communicating all types of business information to audiences who are interested in your field or products or services.

Local listing services

These profiles are increasingly visible in search results, especially for businesses that do local services and are searched with regional, city or other local qualifying terms.

Social Media

Another important way to build your brand visibility is by using the social media sites themselves. If you are a professional services business, build a company page in LinkedIn. If your business is more consumer-oriented, a Facebook Fan Page can be a valuable way of bringing awareness to more people.

If you’ve got commercials, presentations or other visual and audio materials, create a YouTube channel where you can post these materials. YouTube is now the second-most searched website after Google, surpassing Yahoo! in the number of searches per month. Your positive presence there can do a lot to improve your perceived reputation.

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