Did you know that with blogging you can improve your entire website domain search engine rankings drastically? Blogging is an excellent way to attract targeted traffic and links back to your website.  It does this in a couple of ways.

How it works

  • Blogging regularly adds fresh new keyword rich content to your website.  Each blog posting you make adds another page to your website.  Larger websites with lots of content generally ranks better on the search engines.
  • Blogs written with original and interesting opinions will attract links from other blogs which will build up the links of your entire website.
  • Blogging works with RSS (Real Simple Syndication) and as soon as you publish a new posting, visitors will begin arriving within minutes.  You don’t need to wait for the search engines anymore to find your content.
  • Link to relevant and specific pages on your website by using keywords in the anchor text will help the rankings of those pages.

How to get started?

What purpose do you have for your business blogging?  If you are after good results, your blogging should reflect your business goals.  Start by creating a one page blogging plan that will include your targeted audience, keywords and topics you want to focus on.  Always use your blogging plan to keep your writing focused.

People usually trust the content from blogs that come from individuals more than stories from large mainstream news sites or corporations. Many people searches and reads the content from a number of different blogs and then they draw their own conclusion.  Blogging allows any size of business to broadcast their message online.

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