Images have the potential to generate a lot of traffic through image based search engines, but an image alone is not enough. There are a number of tools you can implement in order to optimise your images and gain maximum exposure by making them SEO friendly.

Tools for image optimisation

Alt text is an excellent way to help search engine spiders find your image when the key words are entered into the search engine. You do this by adding the necessary key words to your image tag, for example: alt=”peanut butter.” This will help make your image recognisable to Google and bring in more search engine results.

A simple thing such as your file name should also not be overlooked. When you add an image, be sure to title it in such a way that it will receive the necessary rank when the key words are entered into a search engine. Choose something descriptive and obvious for best results and test it out yourself once the image has been added.

The important thing to remember when it comes to effective website design is search engine optimisation. It stands to reason that image size is very important for fast downloading, so make your image as small as possible without compromising the quality.

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