Did you know that it only takes a website visitor 0,05 seconds to make a snap judgement of the website? Furthermore, 94% of all the website’s first impressions are design related.

You may have underestimated the power of graphic design and website design when compared to the impact that the content on your site has on a visitor. If you suspect that your web design isn’t yielding the results you need, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Be committed

Commitment to your brand’s style guide is key. Switching up fonts and colours on your site all the time is not a good idea. Consistency builds credibility and recognition amongst your audience. If you ever have the urge to pursue a little more flair, rather look at how you can switch up in-store marketing initiatives.

  1. Make Sure Your Site Is Idiot Proof

Forget everything you know about your brand, business and website and try to start learning from your website. Are your subheadings bold enough? Do your calls-to-action get lost in the content and design? Is there a clear flow of information on your pages? Ask others for their input as well. Design should be crystal clear, no questions asked.

  1. Turn Some Heads

Stop your website visitors’ cursors right in their tracks and wow them with your creativity. Infographics, for example, is one of the fastest growing content types today, so consider whether you could create one for your website pages. Showing rather than telling with infographics adds personality to your website and it can also have a bigger impact on visual learners.

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