You may likely be at a point now where you have used your Twitter account for weeks, months or longer.  You are playing it by the safe rules: you get close associates to follow you back, you are following relevant accounts, you only tweet quality content and you never post your stream with only ads.

Despite being good on Twitter, the organic approach to attracting visitors to your Twitter profile and clicking the “Follow” button is not working the way you hoped it will work.  Your followers number doesn’t go beyond 99 (double digits) and you are becoming desperate.  How can you get your Twitter profile to work?

Hiring a social media firm

With new technology trends, new businesses arise. Maybe you have thought about outsourcing your Twitter and other social media marketing campaigns to a company that “guarantees” thousands of followers in days. If you have researched social media (Web 2.0), you most likely know that not all of those “followers” will be interested in what you have to say, and most likely, not all of them are real people.  Most of the time these accounts do nothing more than to pump Twitter full of affiliate marketing spam and links.

Unless you are a super celebrity or someone with a strong social media presence, the explosion of followers that doesn’t expect reciprocation is highly unlikely.

If you have integrated Twitter in your marketing strategy and you have your Twitter profile on your website and print media so that people know that your account exists, it’s time to massage your Twitter profile and work towards building a stable list of people who seeks your information.

Look at other profiles

Log into your Twitter account and take note of the “real’ people following you and see who else is on their lists.  Does any of those profiles look interesting and appealing that will return a follow? One of the ways marketers speculate is to look at the gap between followers and follows.  If the number is about even, or if the profile follows more than being followed, there will be a good chance you may get benefit.

Other ways to get followed

Check if your profile has been added to any lists and look at the profiles of the people on the same list if they are relevant to follow.  You can also search for potential followers by searching for hashtags (#) associated with your business.  Another strategy is to follow competitors.  While you may think that this is not good strategy, consider the people who follow business rivals may discover your profile as well.

Invest some time daily towards these activities, in addition to your current Twitter strategy, you may get favourable results that can affect your business for the better.

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