Email marketing is still one of the most powerful ways to market your brand using the Internet. Over the years the techniques have been honed, the bugs have been worked out and marketers have found some trusted and true ways to ensure it is successful. Read on to find out how you can get the most out of your email marketing campaign.

  1. Make sure your message is specific and clear
    Most people get a sea of emails on a daily basis. When scanning through the new items in their inboxes, your email needs to be the one which stands out. By having a specific call to action, you make things clear and concise, allowing your reader to understand what is in the email at a glance. By making things complicated, you are asking too much of your reader, who already has better things to do.

Continue to keep it simple by only offering one thing. An example would be, “Shop now and get 25% off.” By making a purchase “now”, your reader instantly gets a 25% off voucher.

Further make things clear by setting your mailing client up to personalise emails. This inserts the recipient’s name into the mail, making things more personal and slowing the reader down. He will pause when he sees his name and take notice.

  1. Get the technical stuff right
    There are a few technical tricks you need to do to ensure your email campaign’s effectiveness. One of these things is ensuring your links are taken care of. Always link your images. When it comes to a list of links to things such as previous articles or items on your website, always leave a space between them, or even try different colours. It’s amazing how these small changes make a big difference. As for those with slower Internet connections, always make sure you have a plain-text version of your mail available.
  2. Images are crucial
    Nobody likes to open a mail with a wall of text. Use beautiful images to grab attention. Most email list clients offer easy ways to insert images, as you would in a Word document.
  3. Grab them with the subject line
    Think about the hundreds of marketing mailers you come across in your inbox. Now think about which ones grab your attention. Chances are these have really good subject lines, full of urgency and excitement.

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