To get new ideas for blog topics is most likely the biggest challenge that bloggers has to face. To regularly come up with new topics and ideas is easy when you first start to blog, but where will you get new ideas from?

Blogging is not a thing that you can do once and be done with it. It takes research, time and dedication.  To get the best results out of blogging it requires engaging and innovative topics that will create conversations.

Every blogger must create a way to trigger ideas for their next blog subject and topic. For myself, and the company that I work for, blogging helps us to stay ahead of the latest technologies and trends in a digital world.

Most of our writing is an outcome of regular researching and reading. We dedicate about an hour each day to our blogs to research new topics and to monitor what the “buzz” is and of course, how we can help our readers with their marketing problems. We usually take our “one hour blogging” early in the morning when everything is quiet.

Where do we get new blogging ideas?

  • Regular read other related blogs and comments: Regularly reading other related blogs gives us new ideas on what to write about.
  • Client questions: Many of our blog posts are answers to the questions that some of our clients has asked us.
  • Social bookmarking: We search on popular social bookmarking sites for tags and keywords related to our industry. Many dedicated social bookmarking tools features a voting system where you can see which bookmarks/links are the most popular.
  • Blogosphere: Popular blog aggregators like Technorati is great way to see what is happening on the blogosphere.
  • Traffic stats: We constantly analyze our traffic statistics to see which topics attracted the most readers and we can create similar topics.

Your blog should always have new and fresh content.  If you have any other ideas of getting new blog post topics, please share them with us.

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