Want to be Insta-famous? Of course, you do! Being famous on Instagram can help you make more money. Here are a few tips to help you get more followers on one of the most popular social media platforms:

Go after Relevant Followers

One of the most common pieces of advice is to find very popular Instagrammers in your niche and start commenting on their pictures and liking their pictures. The idea behind this is that their followers will start noticing you and be inclined to check out your page. But, this is only half of the piece of the puzzle.


Instagram has an algorithm that looks at how many likes and comments you get when the picture first gets published. If your followers are mostly within your industry and they like and comment on your pictures, it will be more beneficial than a lot of likes from people who aren’t in your industry at all. This way, your picture has a better chance of going viral and getting featured on the discovery page, which will lead to more followers.


Post Visual and Emotional Content Consistently

If people aren’t bonding with your content and it’s not visual and emotional, they’re not going to keep following you and commenting on your content. If your content is visually appealing and you’re doing it consistently, people will keep following you.


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