People who work in social media marketing often rely on online tools that allow them to post content quickly and across many platforms. While these tools make it convenient for heavy social media users to post content quickly and efficiently, they can also cause problems because they don’t maximise exposure. Tailoring your posts to each social network will prove beneficial and it also allows you to take advantage of each site’s strengths and unique characteristics.

For example, Google+ pages present a challenge to social media marketers because not many social media posting tools are compatible with them. Hootsuite is one program that posts to Google+ pages, but all posts appear as links, even if it’s an image that you posted, and clickable links tend to generate far less interaction than actual images posted straight to a page. Facebook presents a problem because it “batches” images that are posted from the same social media tool if more than one is posted in a 24-hour period. For Facebook pages that have a high activity level this is very problematic because batched photos don’t give users the option to “like”, comment or share. A user must click through to the actual image in order to do any of those actions and they’re more likely to just keep on scrolling.

Tips and tricks to gain maximum exposure

  1. Prepare your post with similar social networks in mind. Twitter and Instagram, for example, are two social media sites that utilise hashtags. You don’t want to post hashtags on a site that doesn’t use them because you may come across as looking like a spammer. Since Instagram is image-driven, a post that contains a solid marketing image would be perfect to post to both Twitter and Instagram, since Twitter users can also see images in their feed. You don’t want to post hashtags on Facebook, for example, since the site does not use them.
  2. Create a post specifically for Tumblr. Tumblr gives social media marketers a wide variety of options when posting, including layout, photo size, photo appearance and you can even create a nice looking image gallery that will show up on your follower’s dashboards.  Since Tumblr is an extremely visual tool with so many options it’s worth it to prepare specific posts and you can pre-set posts to automatically go out at selected times.
  3. Always post images if possible. As the tremendous rise of Instagram has shown us, images are more popular than content in most cases. If there is an appropriate and eye-catching image that can accompany your post, include it, and be sure that users can like it, share it, retweet it and comment on it because feedback is always important.

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