Facebook marketing can cost money – if you’re using paid Facebook advertising – or it could only cost the time you spend figuring out how to get people to spend more time on your page. Social media marketing is all about interrupting people. Even social media (without marketing) is a huge disruption. People basically go online to be entertained and communicate.

Gamification is the process of using game mechanisms in a non-game context. People look at winning points, stars, pieces of candy (Candy Crush!) or moving up the ranks in a game they find interesting. According to Getmoreengagement blog, Gamification can increase between 100% and 150% of users’ online engagement and over 70% of the world’s biggest companies plan to include gamification elements in their online strategies before the end of this year.

You need to figure out how you can use the gamification process on your Facebook page. The first point of departure is having an existing Facebook following (nobody’s going to be interested in a game they’re playing alone). The next step is to determine what your goals are – typical goals would be increasing brand awareness, getting more activity on your page and creating a more loyal following.

Figure out how you’re going to reward the people who take part in your game. The most common reward elements are badges, points, levels and rankings. These points or levels need to result in a tangible reward for your clients. In order to avoid people liking your page and simply playing for rewards (we call these “professional award seekers”), make the prize related to your business in some way.

This is only the starting point to get your creative juices flowing. Brainstorm different ways you can use gamification to engage and reward your Facebook followers in order to achieve your social media marketing goals. Contact WSI OMS for more information today.

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