Being judged online can be harsh. For people who didn’t grow up with the internet, it can also make you feel a bit vulnerable to share your thoughts and opinions in a voice that really sounds like you.

The result of holding back on writing in your authentic voice is that your content can sound impersonal and flat. Instead of being quirky, slightly arrogant, or playful, many writers and content marketers choose to ‘play it safe’ by using an overly professional tone of voice in their online writing.

Finding your voice and owning it is tough, especially when you’re getting started with content marketing. It can be especially disheartening if you receive negative comments or messages online, but don’t panic if that happens to you. For every negative comment, you would have struck a nerve with people who resonate with the true you.

When you start a blog, start a business or build a business, you are going to want to conform to the people around you. You might think that you want to put your best foot forward; but in the effort to do that, you will mute your personality and blend in with everyone else. The fear of being judged by people online is going to force you to be exactly like other people.

Even if you have unshakable confidence in yourself, that fear can be there, but push through the fear and share your personality, thoughts and opinions online. If you have stories to tell or solutions to offer people, then you need to communicate in the most authentic way possible.

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