As digital marketers, we are a big fan of tying blog content back to your product offering. In order to find the perfect blog topic, you need to go through a series of questions:


  • What do I need my prospect to believe in order to click on the call to action?
  • What do they need to understand/learn/know before they will convert to a paying customer?
  • What barriers do they have to converting?
  • What objectives do they have to converting?
  • What are they thinking about/worried about/researching/talking about before they convert on what you have to offer?
  • What is the primary paint point your prospect is experiencing?


If you are a motivational speaker, for example, and you are offering a life coach workshop, then your call to action could be:


“Click here to access your Rebuild Your Life to-do list”


You have decided that your prospect:


  • needs to believe that they have the ability to build the perfect career and work-life balance. An example blog post could be: “How to schedule your days so that you only work five hours per day”
  • is objecting to restructuring their life because of a lack of opportunities. An example blog post topic could be: “How three working moms started their own businesses.”


Overcoming the barriers and objections that a prospect has is a big part in using your content marketing strategy to get more leads. Being able to pinpoint how your product or service solves a prospect’s exact problem will put you in the ideal position to create a number of high-quality blog posts.


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