LinkedIn has over 202 million members and it is hands-down the largest professional networking site. Did you know that two people sign up to LinkedIn every second? Most people already have a profile, but we come across many clients who still aren’t active participators on LinkedIn.

In order to connect with thought leaders and be seen as a thought leader, you need to join groups, share content and comment on content. The best way to do this is by joining relevant groups on LinkedIn.

Many individuals use LinkedIn groups to promote their expertise in their field and to find new opportunities. You can find LinkedIn groups by searching for groups on the Groups You May Like page on LinkedIn or the search field at the top of your home page which runs along the top of any of the tabs on the site. All you need to do is type in a keyword you are interested in to find a group about the topic.

For example, type in “social media” in the LinkedIn group and next to the search field, you can select the drop-down and choose “groups” so that only groups relating to this search term will appear in the search results. You will then see a number of groups relating to your search topic with the word “View” next to it. Open a few interesting-looking groups and click “join.” You can also move your cursor over the interest tab on the top of the page, which will show you the groups you are already part of.

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