When you start a content marketing strategy, it’s easy to get caught up in how you’re going to distribute every single message to your potential readers. It’s understandable you want to market your company in the best way possible, but there are some pointers you need to read before you start blogging up a storm.

Focus on benefits, not features

If you’ve got a new product (one that might not be understood straight off the bat), don’t create content which focuses on explaining what it is. Rather create content that explains what your product can do for the user. There’s a huge difference in explaining the technical features of a product and getting a reader on board with the idea of what you can do for them. Know the difference.

Use graphics and videos

You would be surprised at how easy it is to recall and understand information if you’ve got a visual explanation. People don’t have time to read tons of information, so make sure you have graphics and videos to compliment your blog posts and articles. This type of content is a necessity if you’re launching a new product to the market.

Localise your content

If your product is aimed at different target markets, localise your content for each of these markets. Whether it’s retired empty nesters, teenagers, farmers or students, make sure you’ve got different content that appeals to each segment.

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