There are a couple things that no social media marketing campaign should be without. Your website is of course the very centre of your campaign and it therefore stands to reason that it needs to be professionally designed and managed. Considering that a lot of web traffic nowadays comes from smart phones and tablets, it is also advisable that your website be compatible with these platforms.

Make sure you also have a presence on Facebook, Twitter and all the other social networks and be certain to add highly visible links on your website. Having a presence on these social networks tells people that you want to connect with them on a more personal level. When people post questions to you on these platforms be sure to reply and thank them. Also try to reply in under 30 minutes as this is what people see as a good response time. View your presence on these networks as an important part of your social media marketing campaign and don’t neglect any of them.

The next weapon you need in your social media arsenal is a blog. This will convince people of the importance of the product or service your company provides and draw them to your website. When it comes to blogs, it is important to remember that they must be well written, easy to read and engaging. What people are looking for when it comes to blogs (or any piece of writing, for that matter) is a loud and clear voice, a voice that knows what it wants to say and how to say it. A good tip is to write as though you are talking to a particular person in a very informal setting. Be sure to publish blogs consistently and on a regular basis and don’t forget to hyperlink keywords that will take people through to your website.            

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