Moving on to Twitter can be a big step for some companies. Professional are often scared of the dynamic nature of social media platforms like Twitter. The immediacy of a real-time platform can also be intimidating. However, businesses should also try to have a footprint everywhere their customers and potential customers spend time, and this includes Twitter.

However, if businesses want to get the most out of their Twitter use, they have to do more than broadcast their products and services. Twitter users are on the platform to engage, which means they are likely to ignore brands that only self-promote. This you have to use your company’s Twitter account to engage in conversations with your customers.

Part of this engagement revolves around CRM (customer relationship management). If you want to use Twitter to build relationships with your consumers, you should respond promptly to tweets where you are mentioned. Often this involves solving a problem, or finding out more information about the customer’s query. The important thing is to respond to the customer’s tweet as soon as possible, letting them know that you are dealing with the issue, or following up with the query.

You should also track consumers that are talking about you and respond to their comments and complaints, as this can often help you keep your customers. This means searching for tweets that mention you, and then engaging with those users. This For example, if someone tweets, complaining about poor service at your restaurant, you can use Twitter to respond to them and ask what was wrong with the service. You might even choose to invite them back for a discounted meal, although you should be weary of users who only complain to get free stuff.

You can also initiate conversations with your customers on Twitter. For example, if you are a fashion retailer, you can use your Twitter handle to ask your customers what their favourite trends are this season. This gives your customers an opportunity to express a part of their identity, showing that you care about what your customers want. This can also provide you with valuable information about what your customers want.

Engaging with customers in real time is one of the biggest benefits Twitter offers for business. To get the most out of Twitter, you need to know how to use this platform to do exactly this.

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