Facebook, known for it’s massive changes are busy experimenting with a new featured called Facebook Timeline. As the name suggests, this is a timeline where users can save their memories to a Facebook style timeline. The Facebook Timeline is basically a collection of status updates, posts, photo’s, videos, and activity that tells your story in a chronological order.

This new Facebook Timeline is a new way of presenting yourself on this massive social network. It is visually very much different than the traditional wall view that you are used to and will work to make your wall and what you are up to more obvious. This will allow members to enter almost anything on Facebook.

By using the timeline, someone looking at your profile can go back in time on your profile to see all the important updates related to that time. The Facebook timeline is still in Beta, but if you are interested, this is how you can have a sneak peek at the timeline and activate it on your profile.

Steps to enable the Facebook timeline

  • Whilst being logged in to facebook, type “developer” into the search box, click app type and then allow.
  • Create a new app and give it a name and a namespace. You can click the button on the side to see if the name you have selected is available.
  • Agree to the privacy statement.
  • Click the link “Get started using open graph”.
  • Create a test action.  You can select any action such as “watch”.
  • Go back to your Facebook homepage.
  • New Timeline!
Even though there are quite a few steps involved in setting up the new “Facebook Timeline” beta to get a sneak peek of it, by enabling it you can already start experimenting on the way that it works.  Times are changing and so are all the technologies that we use. Embrace it and you will not be left behind.
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