In this day and age, having a website is a necessity. Getting a great website design is not always easy. To start off with there are so many choices – you can design your own site from a template, you can pay for a custom built site or you can get a designer to work on a template-based site for you. Which one will impress your customers? Here are some simple points to remember.

Great designs are simple

Some of the best designs are simple concepts, and they work beautifully. By trying to over-complicate a site with creativity, you may find that your customer becomes confused and leaves without paying any attention to the design. This is obviously not the intended outcome! Rather than being creative for the sake of it, try work with a designer that will give you a simple, effective concept.

Should you try a DIY site?

There are a number of DIY website building options out there. The reality is that they will save you money in the short term. Unfortunately, these sites do not allow for a great deal of customisation. This will mean that your site can end up looking quite similar to someone else’s! If you want a unique design that will last over time, rather invest in a professional designer.

Use colours that work on the web

Another point to remember with web design is to make use of colours that will work on the web. This means that a colour scheme that may look great on paper may not look great online. If you find this to be the case, don’t despair. A great web designer will find other options for you.

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