We have helped many people use the power of LinkedIn (see this example of Dr. Cheryl Potgieter) to connect with their ideal target audience. Whether you are an established thought leader in your industry or you whether you just recently started working in a new niche, you need to ensure that your LinkedIn profile is:

  • Attention-grabbing, and
  • That it explains the value you can bring to a client’s business.

Here is advice on how professionals like Dr. Cheryl Potgieter can go about creating a winning LinkedIn summary:

  • Your Purpose

Write what the ultimate goal of your job is. If you are a software developer in the financial industry, write how you believe digital disruption and technological change will help companies differentiate themselves in the market. Say that you are committed to advancing the field of software development and engaging in meaningful conversations on how the industry can become more agile, for example.

  • Your Passion

Your passion is what makes you tick. If you are a teacher, you can say that you love facilitating those ‘A-Ha’ moments when a learner understands how to solve a complex problem. If you are a Doctor, you could say that helping people live their best lives is what keeps you going every day.

  • Your Promise

What do you promise clients? An accountant can promise that they will ethically guide a client to efficiently navigate the tax landscape and meet all their regulatory requirements while looking for opportunities where growth may exist for their business.

  • Your Statement

This can give readers the information they need to resonate with you. You could, for example, write about where you were in life before you found your true calling.  Coach Lisa Berndt’s summary reads, “I was sitting in a New Zealand forest at midnight, wearing sunglasses and catching moths. It was not where I wanted to be. Although midnight light trapping was never my favourite part of being an entomologist, I stayed committed to my path as a scientist for another six years. Then I realised my true passion was…”

Do you need help to create your best LinkedIn summary like Dr. Cheryl Potgieter. Then contact us today.

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