These days if you ask any digital marketing expert for advice on advertising, he or she will immediately start talking about why you should get into social media marketing. However, actually getting sales leads from social media marketing often leaves these people flustered.

One type of content marketing strategy which has proven its worth is the personality quiz. In fact, of the top five publishers on Facebook, three are well-known for their quizzes. However, if you want to make the most of this email marketing, mobile marketing and all round content marketing strategy you need to know what you are doing.

Decide what the quiz should be about

Before even starting to think about the questions, you need figure out what your strategy is. You can either go with an event based quiz, where you base your questions on a particular event, for example ‘What is your Christmas personality?”  You can also create a quiz based on the main function of your business, for instance, if you are a builder it could be “What is your dream home?”

How to phrase the questions

This is where you will be setting yourself apart from the rest. This is where you have the opportunity to speak to each of your potential customers. Here are three tips to make this work for you:

Write with flair – in this case it really helps to use personal pronouns as it will make your readers feel as though you are speaking directly to them. This is a whole lot better than making him or her feel like a number and produces results.

Use pictures – the internet has shorted everyone’s attention span. Images break the wording up and make the quiz feel as though it is more like a game. This helps people lower their guard making them more inclined to buy in later.

Keep it to about eight questions – this is your perfect number. It gives you enough time to build a relationship with your quiz takers. It is also short enough to hold their attention. This is the number you want.

Now that you know how to turn this digital marketing strategy into one that brings in cash, why not go and see what you can do for your business?

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