Instagram, established in 2012, has 300 million users. This tremendous number of users makes Instagram a highly effective social media tool used to showcase business products and services.

The 2015 Instagram study shows most users are shoppers and do not need any hard sales pitch to become customers. In fact, they use social media as a reference to see which products and services to purchase. Marketing departments must take advantage of this and create Instagram ads that boost sales when advertising online.

Creating the Instagram ads

Here is a step-by-step process to create social media marketing ads:

  • The first step is to create a business Instagram Create and optimise your business account for increased visibility through linking the bio to your official website (to boost traffic). Also use a consistent name and picture on Instagram related to those found on other social media sites. This makes you recognisable, and your bio interesting and informative when attracting followers.
  • Create popular ads. Your ads must attract viewers and make them interested in your services and products. Use pictures in ads because 90% of information retained in the mind is visual. Social selling picture ads remove the hard selling mentality that potential customers have towards the way businesses market products and services. The use of images in Instagram ads allows a viewer to make a buying decision without pressure. However, use professionally done photos. 67% of customers buy products and services through the influence of detailed and valuable ad images.
  • Reach a higher Instagram No matter how good you are at creating business ads, if you have a small following on Instagram your social selling efforts are useless. Learn to reach a wider following to boost sales of your products and services. Increase your Instagram followers through the use of strategies like hashtags (they improve visibility), team up with Instagram Ambassadors (these are influential representatives tasked with promoting the brand) to promote your services and products, share your followers’ tagged photos, and engage with customers on Instagram to strengthen relationships.

Social media has revolutionised how businesses are run today. Social selling, through the use of social media platforms like Instagram, is the way to go. We at WSI OMS offer cutting-edge digital services designed for business success. For more information on our services, contact WSI OMS today.

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