Creating a social media marketing plan for an event is an essential component of generating interest in your conference, concert or any other type of event. Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter make it easy to share and spread news, making it one of the best places to create a following for an event or function.

Follow these easy steps to create a successful social media marketing plan for your event:

  • Start early: Marketing an event is time sensitive. You need to make sure you’ve built up enough ‘buzz’ and hype around your event by the time it arrives, and this takes time. So starting early prevents a last minute rush and ensures you have enough coverage.
  • Create a website for your event: Include interesting features such as a countdown or a link to the site where you can buy tickets for the event, if applicable. It’s important to continuously update the content of the website so that it doesn’t become stagnant – you should always have something new and exciting to say about the event (your best bet is to draw up a publishing schedule and get the content written ahead of time). The website needs to be easily shared on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Start a blog: The blog should be used to continuously post information about your event, and it should be linked to the website. Having many different writers contribute to the blog communicates to readers that many people are interested in the event and that it is popular and exciting. As with the main website, add ‘like’, ‘share’ or ‘tweet’ buttons which allows users to share content with their friends on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Create dedicated social media accounts: You need to set up a Twitter profile and a Facebook page for the event. People will be searching for information and you want to make sure that you’ve got an official page for people to follow.
  • Find related blogs and websites: Approach blogs and websites which are directly related to your event and ask them to start posting articles or link to your event. For example if your event is a musical concert, find blogs or websites about local music, live shows or local entertainment.

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