New clients and clicks following your digital marketing campaign is the goal of every business owner and marketer. If you’ve been wondering how to fortify your strategy to realize the highest gains, the answer is simple: repurpose your content.

Content repurposing is about sharing old content in order to realize the highest returns from it. This not only applies to sharing through your social media marketing strategy either; you can create repurposed content by building eBooks, whitepapers, podcasts, videos and other formats of content to appeal to a bigger audience.

Before beginning your repurposing effort, here is a list of DO’S and DON’TS to get you going on the right path.

  1. DO share older content

Get traction by sharing older content as is, which works for evergreen content pieces which are still applicable years after they were initially published.

  1. DON’T share out of date content

Old doesn’t automatically mean relevant. As you share older content, stay away from anything that is out-dated. Go through the content to ensure there isn’t anything that will make you look uninformed. If sharing content on email marketing for instance, ensure you stick to information that is wholly relevant even today.

  1. DO tailor content according to the audience and platform

Considering who and where you share content will help you get the highest returns from repurposed content. Your content must be tailored for the audience, and where they are. For instance, ensure part of your mobile marketing strategy includes optimizing repurposed content for access on mobile devices.

  1. DON’T pass off repurposed content as new content

Your clients know how to read date stamps, so don’t act like this is new content. Let your audience know that it’s repurposed content, which you still consider to be relevant for your chosen industry.

  1. DO create evergreen content

Prepare for your future repurposing by creating evergreen content today. Write something that will be applicable for your audience even 10 years from now. There are many types of evergreen content, and resources on how you can create each for your website and business.

  1. DON’T place too much focus on content repurposing

Repurposing content is a way to complement your content creation and marketing strategy, not a way to replace it. In addition to repurposing content, give priority to creation of new, indepth and evergreen content which will ensure your site stays fresh – great for both rankings and audience engagement.

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