It is true to say that Facebook as a communication tool can help you keep your clients and co-workers in the loop with regards to the management of your projects. There are various ways in which one can use to collaborate projects on Facebook, these include sending messages, setting up meetings, sharing photos, creating and subscribing to notes.

Setting up meetings and events – There are three types of events that you can set up on Facebook, these are; Open Events– any Facebook member can read about an open event on the event’s profile page and add himself to the guest list. You should put up open events if you are organizing things such as your company’s concerts and festivals. Secret events – Only those people who receive an invitation can tell that the event exists. One can use this kind of event when planning for a business meeting or other private corporate events. Closed events – With this type of event any Facebook member can see a description of the event but nobody gets on the list without an invitation. Anyone can request an invitation but it is the administrator who gets the final say. Closed events are perfect for club and school meetings.

Exchanging files – All business interactions generate documents and Facebook gives you the platform to manage them in an organized way. Facebook has applications that you can use to share, upload and download photos, podcasts, notes and video files.

Exchanging ideas – You can use Facebook to set up groups where you can discuss your projects.  Facebook groups give people a single place to go for updates and exchange of files. However it is essential for you to restrict your group to your company’s network only.

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