The images in your web design will be the first impression a user will get of your website. In an environment where millions of websites are competing to attract every user, a positive first impression is crucial.

The images you choose need to communicate the most important aspects of your website and these tips will help you achieve this.

Pick great images with these tips:

  1. Purpose – Depending on what your website aims to do, you will want to use very different images in order to communicate this. If you are selling a product, then an image that focuses on the product itself or how it is used would be appropriate. If you are selling news, an image relevant to the story will grab a user’s attention.
  2. Context – Make sure that the images that you choose are within the context of the website. While a home page image will aim to sum up your website, more specific and detailed images will be needed as the user breaks down the various sections of information on your site. A good example of this would be a set of “how to” progression images for a product that the website sells.
  3. Format – Be sure to choose the correct format to suit your website. Images that have been prepared properly result in a sharp, professional looking website. Make use of an image editing programme like Adobe Photoshop to guarantee the best result for your website.
  4. Source – You can choose your images from a stock image database or have your images custom made. Stock images are low cost or freely available, which is great for designers on a budget. However, images can then become over-used, generic and depersonalised.  Custom images avoid the risk of a generic feel, are of higher quality and dictated by exactly what you require. This does, however, come at a significant cost.
  5. Quality – Your images should be clear, in proportion, and cropped to focus on what’s important to your website. This helps communicate to the user the essential facts of what your website is about.

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