If you are looking at launching a social media marketing campaign for your brand, you are probably wondering which of the many social media channels is right for your goals. It’s a myth that a brand needs to be present on every social network, but it is true you need to be on every channel which fits your brand. Twitter and Instagram are two huge contenders. They are similar in that they offer bites of content which is viewed very quickly, but one is about text and the other is about images. So which is right for your brand? Let’s find out.

  • Bigger numbers don’t really mean much here
    Twitter has slightly less monthly users than Instagram (316 million vs 400 million, according to Sprout Social) but this means nothing if your audience isn’t really using the platform. You need to research your target audience and find out where they are spending their time online. If you are aiming at a younger audience, Instagram is your winner, with 53% of users in the 18-29 years old age group.
  • Instagram is all about engagement
    When people use Instagram, they are pretty much glued to it, with no clickable links in captions and a very simple user interface. Users aren’t distracted while using it. If you want to really engage your audience, Instagram is fantastic.
  • Are you a visual company?
    If you are a company that is all about visuals, such as a fashion brand or design company, you will thrive with Instragram, since it is all about images.
  • Do you have a customer support team?
    If so, you need to be on Twitter. Many people take to Twitter to voice their complaints, and even their compliments. It’s important that when people mention your brand on Twitter, you are there to step in and get in on the conversation, turning negative reviews into opportunities.
  • Twitter is great for sharing content
    If content forms part of your digital marketing strategy, then having a Twitter account is a no-brainer. Twitter has been called a “content distribution tool” because it is a great place to share your constant stream of content. Instagram on the other hand, keeps users within the app on purpose, so it doesn’t serve well for this.

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