When you get a new client asking about web design services, it is very easy to jump the gun in terms of envisioning their brief. You have a look at their current site and your mind starts spinning with what you like, what you’d change and where you think they should take it. Unfortunately, this often means that one very important group gets neglected from your design ideas – the client! So before you let your imagination off the leash, here are some guidelines on how to build a brief that meets your client’s vision:

Ask about their goals for their website

To make a website that’s all about them and not you, you need to know why they’re in business and what they are looking to do. Some companies are all about growing bigger, while others are more interested in selling online or informing their customers. When you know this, you’ll be able to design a website that shares that focus.

Ask about their ideal customer

Asking about their customer as an individual as well as their target market in general will give you more specific information that you can use to build the site. For example, if your client is a photographer who is aiming at a target market of men and women aged 20-60 with families, that brief is a lot less specific than “My ideal customer is a man or woman looking to have professional family portraits taken”.

Ask them what they want to keep on their current web design

Often, web designers think in terms of a complete overhaul when a client simply wants an update. Their corporate colours, logo and other information may have to be incorporated into your new design, so keep this in mind.

Ask them what they want to get rid of

By asking what they don’t like about their current design, you’ll get a good idea about their priorities. Do they dislike the layout? Is the functionality poor and not user-friendly? Or does it simply look old-fashioned?

By asking these simple questions, you’ll be able to build a design brief that revolves around the client while still incorporating your ideas and creativity. For more information on the web design services that WSI provides, please contact us today.

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