Businesses have realised just how powerful social media is, and everyone wants to be involved. With these easy tips for social media strategy, you can not only get your message out on the internet, but have people see and respond to it:

  1. Prioritise your user. Start with engaging the user, then build your following and hold their attention. End with your business priorities, such as increasing your brand awareness, sales or client database. If you are committed to engaging with your followers, your end goals should follow naturally.
  2. Stay connected. Post relevant, interesting information that users will find useful. Post content on a regular basis, making sure that they see your content spread over a number of different social networks. Optimise the time at which you post your content, as posting late at night can result in your content being pushed down your follower’s news feeds by prime-time morning content.
  3. Plan and research your content. Don’t post irrelevant, rushed or repetitive content. Quality, useful content that users can share with others is invaluable. Think outside the box, for example, if you are selling food products, then post recipes that contain your products.
  4. Use incentives. Users respond well to freebies or the chance to win a prize. If you link this to “liking” or re-tweeting your page or content, you will get your product out to new users rapidly.
  5. Keep track of your results. Analytics programmes can help you see how much traffic your content is getting, what content is proving the most successful with your users and what target market you are attracting. These programmes can also help suggest new content that your users would like to see. This will help you streamline and optimise your campaign in order to achieve your ultimate goals.

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