Blogging is a powerful way for businesses to interact and reach potential clients.  Blog marketing which is part of social media marketing is based on educating your readers with your expertise, opinions and your advice. With a blog, you are not selling directly.  It’s a powerful business tool that can be used for interacting and branding.

Blogging is an effective way of expanding your social network and getting in front of targeted people that you couldn’t have reached or added to your network in any other way.  Blogging allows you to market yourself using various social media strategies.

Did you know that with active blogging you can build a career? Find a couple of tips below on how you can build a career with blogging.

Build a career with blogging

Create a niche network: Create and optimize your blog that deals with your career.  By writing unique interesting content, comment on other related blogs, encouraging comments on your own blog, you can quickly develop your network. You can develop strong relationships by exchanging ideas faster than you ever could by exchanging business cards.

Expanding your knowledge: If you are driven to write a couple of blog posts a week, you are actively seeking new information, you listen more closely to relevant news and you become more knowledgeable about your blogging subject. You can become the industry expert in your niche.

Job offers: Your blog can produce results and this can give employers an insight on who you are and what you do.  If you are applying for a job, most employers will search your name on Google to see what comes up.  If you have a personal blog, this will usually be the first result.

Moving up the ladder: Blogging can position your growth within the current company you work for.  You can become known as the industry expert. You will get more new ideas and you have shown the discipline and initiative in writing new blog posts.

Blogging for fun: Turn your interest or hobby in a blog with an eye towards a career change. Use your blogging to expand your accumulated knowledge and create your own network of followers.  Always work to become known as the expert in your field and the job offers will follow.  Expertise is a natural by product of doing what you love to do.

Emotional stability: By establishing your own personal name within your area of expertise, you can create your own opportunities. This could be your own network and your own stability in your life. This can remove the feeling of being totally dependant on your current employer.

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