Connecting with your readers is vital for your success as a blogger. Knowing how to boost your communication with your desired target audience is vastly important if you wish to better yourself in the game. This is why these few pointers will help you understand how to connect with your reader more effectively and ensure your following grows with you.

Do not make your reader feel stupid 

This point is perhaps one of the most crucial ones to follow. If your reader feels belittled or dumb, there’s not a big chance of them returning to your posts next time. Avoid using acronyms as not everyone knows what they stand for.

Also, never assume that your online reader has prior knowledge about your background. Cracking inside jokes as to what you did in the past, for example, will leave a new reader feeling utterly alienated.

Imagery can be powerful if you allow it to be 

The use of images not only looks aesthetically pleasing to your reader, but furthermore boosts your likelihood of your article or blog being shared, however using any old image won’t do. You need to be sure your initial picture has relevance to the content of your blog

Use your diction to trigger emotion 

Obviously within a blog, your reader cannot see your facial expression nor hear the tone of your voice as to which emotion you may be showing. This is why you now need to be a wordsmith of note and choose the correct words which will trigger the emotions you are trying to convey.

If you need help know where to find it 

Not all people are well versed in the online world. If you wish to be a blogger, but don’t know where to start, don’t give up. Just get in touch with Wsioms today and take a look at our training courses which we offer. Wsioms will help you achieve the blogging goals you wish to as well as offering you other digital skill advice. Contact us today for more information.

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